"4 out of 5 stars, Directors Christopher Folino (who wrote the comic book this was based on) and Todd Burrows have made a remarkable film. It is unlike any other current comic book-inspired feature, and that’s a good thing."


Doug BrunellFilm Threat


"Sparks" shows plenty of cinematic muscle. It deserves a place among the legion of superhero movies." 


Rick Bentley -  Miami Herald & The Fresno Bee


"4 out of 5 stars"

"Sparks is one of the most refreshing entries into the Superhero marketplace. Even the traditional superheroes who resist their superpowers or are referred to as anti-heroes (Batman, Ironman) are nothing compared to the depths Sparks falls." 




"Curio of the week is this ingenious low-budget adaptation of Christopher Folino’s graphic novel about a Forties do-goody superhero. One for Sin City fanboys."


Steve Morrissey - The London Evening Standard


"Sparks is one of the most astonishing pieces of work we’ve seen in a while. If this sounds like we’re gushing, you better believe it – aesthetically this is a thing of beauty, making a mockery of its DIY, Credit Card-sponsored production, while the rich and layered screenplay benefits from some astounding performances. We genuinely can’t recall the last time a film came from left-field that blew us away in such a fashion."


Peyton Westlake -


"Sparks a Remarkable Superhero movie"
"4 out of 5 stars"


 James McDonald -


"I was surprised at how much road is travelled in SPARKS and how fulfilling a film it really was, as SPARKS packs a punch few superhero films with ten times its budget possess. Seek out SPARKS, a smartly written and reasonably rendered depiction of heroes worth looking up for facing horrors that really are scary."


Mark Miller - Ain't It Cool News


"With a well-delivered, intriguing story combined with multi-layered characters and a tone that makes Gotham City’s gargoyles look like singing angels, Sparks is the superhero genre’s dirty little secret."

Andrew Pollard


"9 out of 10"

"Review-Talk about a surprise let me rephrase this comment. Talk about a fu*king shock. Sparks from start to finish is such a welcome treat. Writer, director and co-director Christopher Folino has brought to life a hope that I feel other up-and-coming directors get inspired by. There is so much to this film to recommend, I loved how the director and actors showed patience and really built a very well told story that I feel people will feel like they are turning the pages of a graphic novel more than watching a film unfold. "


James Damon -





“Sparks: The Origin of Ian Sparks” is a real surprise, a period piece of incredible authenticity, put on with a kind of care and diligence that makes it one to really enjoy."


Steve AndersonTechnology Tell


"Bolder than Kick-Ass, smarter than The Watchmen, it's a graphic novel, it's a film, it's a hit; I'm talking about Sparks."


William Powell -


" I really hope they continue with this because the possibilities are endless. I would welcome a second and even third film with open arms."




"Surprisingly good, the film Sparks offers crime drama mixed with comedy and a superhero script. The special effects are good and do the job nicely when needed. They bring back a bit of nostalgia as well presenting their film like the crime noir stories of old similar to “The Maltese Falcon”, “Dick Tracy” and “Chinatown”.




"Sparks is a phenomenal new period superhero movie co-directed by Christopher Folino and Todd Burrows. Sparks is an extremely ambitious period film that plays like a cross between Double Indemnity and Watchmen."




"Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes a film like ‘Sparks’ to prove you wrong. Delivering a first rate, fist pounding action thriller that proves beyond a doubt that there’s still a whole lot of life left in the world of the pulp heroes and their twenty first century descendants. Long live the Golden Age"


Tim MassMass Movement Magazine


"Sparks can not be compared to other super-films because It's To Damn Good! Take the badassness of Sin City,the coolness of Spider-Man Noir, the grit of Watchmen,sprinkle in the powers of the X-Men and you're still only half way to Sparks."


Rich StileThe Devils Eyes


"SPARKS is the origin story of Ian Sparks and is actually a pretty damn solid comic book movie."


Seth PoulinCelluloid Terror


“Sparks” is a fine example of low budget film making at its highest caliber... what Christopher Folino & company have pulled off here is near miraculous!"




"A solid story and a splendid cast make 'Sparks' a surprisingly entertaining superhero alternative to summertime Cineplex fare."


Ian Sedensky Culture Crypt


"You'll definitely be engaged with the multiple-plot twists, if not the slam-bang fighting action (Ashley Bell's character should have her OWN movie) - for a film without the highest budget available, "Sparks" still delivers the goods" 




"Sparks is a very original and unique indie and spin on the superhero film."


Felix Vasquez Jr. - Cinema Crazed


"Sparks has become my new 2013 favorite. Folino and the others did an outstanding job with this super hero thriller that I believe to be filmmaking’s rare gem."

 P.J. Costa -

"The film had everything going for it: an amazing cast, awesome special effects, great story with nice twist and turns, tragedy and redemption."


"With Sparks, the film's writer and co-director Chris Folino has [a] potential hit.."


"What happens when you take Watchmen, mix it with Sin City, and then throw in a little Casablanca for good measure?  Hopefully something sparks. And in this particular case—you do indeed get Sparks."


 Joe VanourneyFanboy Planet


"A solid story, full of style, grace and some fun performances, SPARKS is a super hero movies that bigger studios should take notice of, as it's one of the most original feeling heroe tales in a good while. "


Jerry SmithThe Martyrcycle 



"Sparks is a unique superhero film with a twist, a great sense of humor and an expansive imaginative scope. "The ambition of this film goes far beyond what its budget should rightfully provide. Folino has constructed a faithful adaptation of his book with a stellar cast of indie darlings and ended up with what could well become a cult film for superhero fans. "




“Sparks” Is Engaging And A Visually Fulfilling Independent Film. In today’s world of $50 to $150 million plus budget films, even the ones with the smallest casts, there comes a film once in a while - on a low budget – that comes out with a sharp sense of style, intrigue and uniqueness that while watching the film, you know there was a lot of heart and passion that was put into making it. “Sparks” is definitely one of those films."


Lorenzo MarchessiThe Geek Authority


"Sparks a remarkable superhero movie"

"4 out of 5 stars"




"The film really captures the spirit of film noir and mixes it with the origin of a superhero, and it's 1940s setting helps to set it apart from a lot of the other stories we generally see."


Jeff Konopka -


"Sparks delivers high action, twists, excitement and brilliant, well thought out directing."

Sherrie PerkovichWashington Times


"[Sparks has] amazingly pulled together a cast of both familiar character actors and up and comers and pulled off unbelievable CG effects."

Jason TabrysComic Book Resources



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